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How whatsapp and hike earn money|generate revenue from users

Lots of people are thinking and searching on internet regularly about how free social sites like whatsapp and Hike earn money online from its users.Here in this article i am going to share by little bit of knowledge on the revenue generation of these worldwide famous social sites with you guys.If you are thinking that whatsapp is generating revenue from the direct advertisement then you are totally wrong.I think you observer this that there is no advertisement showing on the download whatsapp application in your android,mac and windows phone.Then the question is that how whatsapp and hike earn money.

How whatsapp and hike earn money|generate revenue from users

Whatsapp earn money from the affiliate programs.When you download the whatsapp application in your mobile phones and sign up successfully after that a link generated when somebody click on the link (affiliate link) a cookie is installed in their device cookie attributes all purchases generated to the owner of the affiliate link for the life of the cookie (24 hours). The owner will then receive a 7% commission on those purchases.This is a earning thechnique i have found till now.

One more thing i have to mention here that whatsapp is not free for lifetime after 1 year you have to pay at-least $1 to make your service continue.

How Hike Earn Money : Currently hike is not making any online revenue/income from there apps.Hike organization is just trying to make it worldwide famous and reliable to use this apps like whtasapp and Facebook messenger.

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